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OmniSynapse is a premium software developing and consulting company focused on delivery of native, web and mobile applications, PaaS and SaaS infrastructures and security services in Toronto.


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Since you decide to make your business more effective, agile and scalable, you need to rely on trustworthy subject matter experts.

Why? Because you need not only a fresh perspective but also a highly qualified team that will bring innovations, ideas and solutions to your company.

OmniSynapse uses powerful practices and methods, which will  help you to expand your possibilities. We carry out deep analysis of our clients’ demands. First we explore the processes and compartmentalize them, and then we discover the optimum ways to find the best matches for particular business needs.



Your business is to develop the business. Our business is to provide you with a simple and easy-to-integrate solution. Simplification is the key. All the processes which are brought to you by OmniSynapse are a combination of elegance and esthetic mix of technologies, solutions and tools created to expand the horizons of your possibilities.

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The way we do it.

Over the past years we have put together robust methods and technologies that our consulting proposals are based on and integrated them into our clients’ ecosystems.

Decomposition of business processes allows us to concentrate on the most suitable solution we can implement. Our cooperation is based on a win-win strategy and focused on the business development and service quality.

This allows you to scale in three dimensions: winning over goodwill customers, conquering new markets rapidly and delivering business-to-client products in a shortest time possible.

We pay special attention to the time-to-market period, which gives us an opportunity to minimize the risks in advance and avoid any unexpected situations or a hostile environment.

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First, we take a run-up discussing your demands and wishes, which is followed by profound research based on them.

Second,  we dive deep and examine each aspect of your current business process model.

Third, we emerge with technical solutions that help your business to eliminate all the underwater stones, which brings user experience and satisfaction to a new level.
In summary, OmniSynapse integrates all the best practices using modern methodologies making your products more effective and attractive to the customer.