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OmniSynapse is a premium software developing and consulting company focused on delivery of native, web and mobile applications, PaaS and SaaS infrastructures and security services in Toronto.

We're hiring:

PHP Developer

The person we need in our team possesses the following qualities and skills and acts as described below:

  • Ensures the expected result a good deal before the deadline;
  • Handles a range of tasks and prioritises properly;
  • Has an acute feeling of responsibility and is not able to sit still at any time;
  • Has a proper command of English (preferably) and Russian/Ukrainian languages;
  • Realises that it will be harder than he now assumes;
  • Is capable of working with the code written by others: add to the existing code in such a way so that an outsider cannot suspect several authors;
  • Can write clean code that can and will be easily and comfortably supported and edited further on. Provides not a narrow and local, but a well considered general solution. Meant for ages.
  • Ensures order in the project: refactors, removes the unnecessary, prepares convenient tools for future based on successful solutions;
  • Takes time and does not neglect description of variables, gives them clear names; is ready to implement whatever is required with his own solutions as opposed to frameworks;
  • Can dig deep and figure things out independently, use google and think on his own, but at the same time is not afraid to ask questions, discuss the possible solutions, agree and negotiate them within a team;
  • Does not neglect checking the models against the uniqueness of elements, uses standard solutions and existing components, clarifies the logics and marginal conditions still at the initial stage;
  • Can play by the rules: brings in the new and optimises - we are totally in favour of that! But “to demolish everything and rewrite from zero” is not an option.

Technology stack:

  1. Laravel 5;
  2. Postgres / MySQL;
  3. Redis / MongoDB;

You should not apply to this ad if:

  • you are looking for an office job with limited responsibility;
  • you do not understand the difference between the process and the result;
  • you neither read books nor communicate with interesting people to ensure professional growth;
  • you hesitate to bother the necessary people;
  • you believe you are an ordinary person, “just like everybody else”.

There are three ways you can work with us: locally in our Khmelnitskyi city development office, Ukraine; locally in our headquarters in Toronto, Canada; distantly from anywhere in the world.

To receive the invitation for an interview you should write to us about yourself, your experience, skills and career plans, accompanying your story with the links to the jobs completed by you.

Cordova Developer

We’re looking for a Cordova/Ionic cross-platform developer (iOS / Android) to join our team Blockchain developers. The aim is to create a brand-new product in the field of practical usage of Blockchain technology in the real sector in the form of offers.


  • Building an amazing user-friendly application basing on design mockups and interfaces;
  • REST-protocol implementation in the Application;
  • Location-based services implementation.

The person should meet the following requirements:

  • Excellent Cordova/Ionic skills;
  • Proven expertise in JS;
  • Commitment to code quality and reviewing.

Who are you?

Your skills and experience are important factors, but your personality, approach and improvement drive are what will make the difference. We need you to be a «team player», take responsibility for your work, solve problems. You are self-going and efficient at time management.

What we offer

  • Personal development and professional growth;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Paid vacation;
  • Team building activities;
  • Included English lessons to help you grow as a communicator.