The best is yet to come

OmniSynapse is a premium software developing and consulting company focused on delivery of native, web and mobile applications, PaaS and SaaS infrastructures and security services in Toronto.

Mobile solutions

elegant and esthetic apps

OmniSynapse delivers quality and elegant apps with esthetic user-interacting interfaces.

We face up to a big challenge: how to make business closer and more understandable for the customer. It is a reasonable balance between the way the user interacts with the ecosystem and a modern application design.

Creation and Promotion

OmniSynapse creates service-oriented architectures. We implement proven techniques to create apps that communicate with living-in-clouds services. The platform-independent solutions enable you to stay tuned everywhere, and the user interfaces are such that you’ll definitely “want to lick them”.

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Communication with the client

Our expert team will build a native app that allows to capture a wider user base. You will get to track user feelings by gathering feedbacks thanks to our tracking framework. A/B testing integrated into your app will potentially boost your target audience, and the modern strategies of promotion in App Store and Google Play will make your app more and more popular.

UI/UX design team changes the way the user interacts with your app by simplifying the app's interface. We are social and flexible to integrate existing libraries and frameworks to compile an app that get your positive feelings faster.

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Mobile application is like a tet-a-tet dialog between your services and clients, which runs 24/365. It advances your business like never before. Moreover, we give you an easy opportunity to immediately boost a number of services to your clients in an extremely elegant way.